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Bouquets and Flower Processing

Welcome to Melle Jongkind

Your sustainable partner in high-quality flower processing

Melle Jongkind processes fresh flowers daily into handmade bouquets for online flower suppliers, its own webshop, wholesalers and flower stores. We work on demand, with predetermined weekly prices. We also process flowers for exporters; among other things, we prepare flowers for air freight.

Our 65 employees are committed to the highest possible quality every day. Our flexible operations allow us to provide pure customization and, of course, there is plenty of attention to sustainability. Optimal service, quality and reliability are important values for us.

Handmade luxury bouquets

50,000 to 250,000 flowers per day

Every morning our experienced buyers purchase some 50,000 to 100,000 flowers on the clock at the flower auction in Aalsmeer. At peak times, these quantities run as high as 250,000. All of these flowers are processed by our florists by hand into a wide range of luxury bouquets. At the five production lines, fresh and high-quality Biedermeiers, field bouquets, mono bouquets and much more are created daily.

Flower Processing

More than just bouquets

In addition to creating bouquets, we are engaged in bunching, packing, processing orders for e-commerce and preparing flowers for air freight. This is always custom work. For example, we can purchase the flowers and packaging, but a customer can also supply their own products and arrangements. Anything is possible, just discuss it with us!

Our product range

We offer bouquets in all styles, shapes and colors, with different stem lengths and with various amounts of stems. What the flowers have in common is freshness and quality. We work on demand and with predetermined weekly prices.

For our complete range of field bouquets, picking bouquets, Biedermeier bouquets, specials, shorties, sisal bouquets, mono bouquets, aqua bouquets, seasonal bouquets, bouquets in vase and the bouquet of the month, go to the assortment page. In addition to the items on the assortment page, we provide customized products. Everything is possible!

Why Melle Jongkind

Right price/quality ratio

We process high quality fresh flowers into handmade bouquets at the right price every day. High quality means heavier flowers, often with larger and multiple heads per stem.

Sustainable relationships

Together, we grow with our customers. By establishing lasting relationships with many of our clients, we build together to achieve our goals. 'Alone you go faster, together you get further.'

Skilled employees

Turning a bouquet takes skill and ability in flower arranging. We are pleased to have highly skilled employees who ensure our high quality and to share their skill with new employees.

Personal attention

Run-of-the-mill bouquets are not made with us. Every bouquet receives the attention it deserves from our staff. In addition, our clients are welcome to randomly check the bouquets themselves.


Our flexible business management not only enables us to provide customized services, but also to guarantee optimal service. For example, within the Royal Flora Holland grounds in Aalsmeer, we deliver bouquets and flowers free of charge and on time.


Every day we deliver high quality bouquets with the same dedication and passion for the craft, and have been for over 40 years.

No-nonsense family business

over 40 years of experience

The flower business that Melle and Gea Jongkind started in their barn more than forty years ago grew into an internationally operating flower processing company. The original character of the business was always preserved: Melle Jongkind is a no-nonsense family business, with a heart for flowers, employees and customers. Son Helmuth Jongkind grew up in the business and took over in 2017. Since 2018, Melle Jongkind has been located in a spacious building on the South grounds of Royal FloraHolland, the flower auction in Aalsmeer.

Working at Melle Jongkind

Melle Jongkind is an internationally operating family business with a history of more than forty years. There is an informal atmosphere both in the office and on the production lines. The lines of communication between management and staff are short. We employ people of all ages and from many different countries. New employees are paired with a buddy, who introduces them to the company. In addition to Dutch and English, our buddies speak Spanish, Polish and Russian, among other languages. We are regularly looking for motivated people to best serve our customers.

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